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Almost 1/3 of all interim projects in Germany are like this. Acknowledged competence for a quick turnaround in times of crisis. Within 100 days critical inventory, control of liquidity, clear reorientation, if necessary capital procurement.

Phase 1: Fast Reorganisation Phase 2: sustainable reorientation
financial stability stuctural rearrangement strategic positioning systematic mobilisation
diminution / controlling
liquidity requirements
clearing up non core-business strengthening core competencies sales and marketing offensive
development of debt relief concept adjustment
business system
product and service innovation
estimation of bad debts / risks reduction of material and labour cost new organisation / management structure opening up developmental fields
calculation / graduation implementation costs increase of process / structure efficiency management occupancy cooperation / alliances
focus: liquidity focus: adjustment focus: strategy for the future focus: growth

Disinvestment / processing or handling

A business unit has to be sold, is however in a bad condition/status. You need to have a professional in order to reach a good price for due diligence.
The statutory liquidation of a company, with a potentially transfer of an enterprise and all the measures which are linked to a sale of a commercial property.

Interim vacancies

The new job holder ist probably available in at least five months.
You need a long-term substitute for someone absent due to illness or for parental leave.

Building up / Leading a strategic network

  • e.g. a franchise system
  • e.g. a procurement association

Positions held  by supervisory board members / functions of advisory board

Coaching of the executive board from the point of view of shadow-CEO.

Project management / Change management

The transformation quota in the consulation sector is between 15-20 %. Our enterprise accompanies at least one third of the projects with a transformation quota of about 80 %.

Temporaray management

of a strategic business unit / subsidiary, i.e. due to fusion or company take-over.

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