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Our Company

The company was founded in Düsseldorf on 1st April1993 as a one-man business. On 1st October 1999 it became a limited company in Berlin.
Since 2007 the company has had capital resources of 100.000 € and can therefore ensure independent and neutral consultation.
Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Christel Niedereichholz from Heidelberg high methodical competence has been acquired by regular training sessions at the Association of German Management Consulting Firms (BDU = Bund Deutscher Unternehmensberater).
Andreas R. Teusch was born in Düsseldorf in 1961, is working as an industrial clerk and studied business administration extra occupationally at the University of  Applied Sciences in Rendsburg. His major field of study was marketing and sales. During his job as an executive he gained a lot of professional experience. Since 1997 he has been occupying managing positions in commerce and industry.

  • Project Manager at Mannesmann Anlagenbau AG in Düsseldorf
  • Head of the Purchasing Department at IMI Cornelius (UK) in Langenfeld
  • Head of  materials logistics at Pfizer (USA) in Kiel
  • Commercial Director of Wilma Bau (Netherlands) in Potsdam
  • Project Manager at the "Treuhandanstalt" in Berlin and Leipzig
  • CEO of Gastromaster Handelsgesellschaft mbH in Krefeld
These were stages in his working life in line positions. In the beginning he occupied the following positions being an employee and later working self-employed.
Since 1st April 1993self-employed consultant
Since 1st July 1999CEO of Management auf Zeit Verw. GmbH
Since 1st October 2003CEO of Grillmaster GmbH

His credo is: Are you looking for concepts or implemented solutions? 20% are strategy and 80% are realisation. You get one-stop service with short project life-spans.
Independence, experience, pragmatic solutions and the following goal »Not only to characterise your markets but to keep them moving.« are important.
Excellent knowledge and understanding of the branch based on a CV with strongly generalist items between the age of 30 and 40. Through a comprehensive network he brought wind of change with him. He has a fine grasp for the customer's complex business processes.


  • Mechanical- plant- and apparatus engineering
  • Construction Industry
  • Franchise restaurants
  • Commerce / Services
  • Sports and Leisure

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For reasons of discretion (e.g.. recapitalisation of a company) we do not announce the names of our clients. We gladly contact our clients by telephone or letter.


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