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Lean Consulting

Our TOP strategy product
For medium sized companies or strategic business units. This promotes the intelligent organisation and examines the fields of action - markets, new products (services), competition – based on interpersonal socratic communication and balance scorecard. It means a sustainable change in the company has to start in the participants' minds, who are taking part in the workshop.
The workshops turns

Active part(people who make things happen)
Passive part(people who watch things happen)
Impassive part(people who wonder what happened)

into an autonomous and enthusiastic group.

Fast Track Strategy

A strategic and short consultation in case of emergency.
Evaluation of strategic success positions
Programmes to increase revenue – develop strategies for responding to shortage

Strategic Early-Warning Systems

It is about the sensitisation of the environment, determination / identification of his descriptors, determination of the responsibilities and the right conclusions for the future.

Worth-Oriented Management

Definition of the added value, identification of the emotional drivers as well as measures to increase the value of your company
It contains a wide range of coaching elements, which support the personality

Coaching / Conflict Management / Mind Marketing

  1. Personality analysis – look really at yourself and you will understand the others
  2. Personality development / How unaware anxieties influence your performance
  3. Being keen on top performance / Art of leadership
  4. Successful innovation by worth-orientated management
  5. Implementation of an IT-based daily self-discipline programme combined with a variable earning-model.
  6. Strategy coaching like fast-track strategy, balance scorecard, lean-management consulting
  7. Successful fusions by applying special organization rules
  8. Aim-management in companies practice and leading ways to avoid trouble
  9. Life-crisis/illness as a chance to change life into a prosperous way
  10. Conflict management – What do you know about aggressions and why do they exist?
  11. Buying-action based on unconscious awareness – mind marketing organized selling structures and marketing in a complete new way.

Business Development

Consultation of young business enterprises after their fifth fiscal year, based on the lean management approach, but without socratic communication procedure.


Focus: Service Provider and Consultants
Environmental analysis, internal analysis taking benefits into consideration - with emphasis on Re-Design. Peoples knowledge bears resources that wants to be treated differently than fixed assets in the original sense.

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